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Compiled Version of 64bit Code

Jun 29, 2007 at 1:25 PM
Does anyone know when the 64bit version of SLK will be available in an official compiled version?

It is now 6 months since the release of SLK 1.0 and still no 64bit version. Launching SLK in a production environment, with code I have compiled myself, carries some risk.
Jul 3, 2007 at 5:00 PM
Hi TalwynHayes,

The 64 bit release had some hurdles in the form of license issues and then build infrastructure issues. These two have cleared now. There is one outstanding build issue Sample website validation fails during 64-bit build that has been recently reported. This turns out to be a Visual Studio issue which we have to work around to generate an error-free build. This will hopefully be resolved in 2-3 days time. Later this week or early next week is when the next version will be out. I'll update and communicate the exact dates after some of the uncertainity around this clears.

Going forward we will have a reviewed and agreed upon clear Release Process (I am working on the initial draft) which will give all of us a better picture of the roadmap and the timelines of forthcoming releases.