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Automate Population of SLK from SIMS/CMIS

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Aug 23, 2007 at 11:08 AM
This new Sharepoint automation tool enables the automatic maintenance of SharePoint/SLK sites based on a central data source (SIMS/CMIS). It can automatically create and update sites based on the data in the source and assign permissions to users. The canonical example within schools is to maintain their Learning Gateway. Salamander can automatically extract class information from your school management system, create sites for all your classes and assign the correct pupils and teachers to them.

Fully automatic maintenance of your SharePoint site collection
Once set up you will no longer need to manually create and update sites and memberships, saving a huge amount of time during the year.
It will run throughout the year handling new arrivals and leavers without you
having to get involved manually.
No more requests by school administration staff and pupils to update the site collection
As the school administrative staff update the school management system, the changes will be automatically reflected within your site collection.
Your SharePoint will be up to date and reflecting the school management system with no further effort on your part.
Fully configurable to your needs
Every aspect of how Salamander updates SharePoint can be configured toexactly how you want it.
You do not need modify your site collection to fit in with it.
Classes and memberships always up to date without any effort.
All your classes will automatically be present with the correct pupils and staff as members with the correct permissions.
As the changes are made in the school administration system, they will be reflected in SharePoint. This will save huge amounts of time during the year as the classes change.
An easier start to the year
In September or before if they are already in the school administration system, all the new classes will be added to SharePoint, together with their pupils and teachers. Learning can start without you having to do any work
setting up the new classes.

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