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slksettings.xml "language" reference?

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Aug 25, 2010 at 8:44 AM

hi all!

we r trying to add a column to the "assignment list webpart" table showed to the user. i know that changes to this table needs to be made in the slksettings.xml file, as we have already succeeded making simple changes to this table.

now, we would like to add another column to the table, that will show the user his passed\failed\unknown status for every assignment he has. unfortunately, the basic slksettings.xml file does not contain any recored for pass\fail status so i don't know how to create it.

i would like someone to explain what is that "script language" used in slksettings.xml file (maybe to point me to a reference) and to answer this: how to add a "successStatus" (pass\fail) column  to the assignmentList webpart table?

I Thank u all.