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RetryAll Enables Entire TOC

Dec 20, 2010 at 8:00 PM

I'm not sure if it is a bug or I’m just configuring my sequencing rules incorrectly. I have a quiz that is structured just like the Quick Checks in the Solitaire SCORM package. The only thing I added was a post condition rule that says if the primary objective is not satisfied then retry all. After the user clicks the button to check their answers the entire TOC becomes enabled. Does anyone know if this is by design?

Here is what my new Quick Check Quiz item looks like in the manifest:
          <item identifier="INTRO_QUIZ1" identifierref="INTRO_QUIZ1_REF" isvisible="false">
            <title>Quick Check Quiz</title>
                  <imsss:ruleConditions conditionCombination="any">
                    <imsss:ruleCondition condition="satisfied" operator="not" referencedObjective="PRIMARYOBJ"/>
                  <imsss:ruleAction action="retryAll"/>
                <imsss:primaryObjective satisfiedByMeasure="true" objectiveID="PRIMARYOBJ">