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Assignment suspended

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Mar 25, 2008 at 7:23 PM
HI can somebody help me. I am using SLK to host a scorm 2004 compliant course generated with a tool called Ellicitus. Every thing goes fine except when it loads the course it give the error that LMSGet value( cmi.suspenddata ) alert and after that when I take a test and submits it than it give the error that ASSIGNMENT SUSPENDED. I tried to debug the java scripts of the elicitus generated package and so in script, the initialize is returning ture, when it is checking the cmi.suspenddata and this point it is suspending the course and saying DATA MODEL NOT INITIALIZED. Instead of checking cmi.suspend_data, I also checked cmi.location and it also returned the same.
How can I fix it and how and where in SLK it populates the cmi.suspend_data or cmi.location and where and when it initialise the data model.
I have to meet a deadline and i will really appreciate the help.