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Problems with reporting score!

Apr 7, 2008 at 9:00 PM
Edited Apr 9, 2008 at 6:17 PM
hello all, (again)

well i finally got a quiz i created in captivate 3 to work in SLK. it reported the score and everything worked fine, but now i am trying to place my quiz inside a wrapper, and then have slk work and things seem to break. the wrapper and quiz work like a charm, its just when i submit the work, i start getting problems. when i re-log-in to the instructor and try to view the score it comes up as 0.00. as before i placed it inside the wrapper the score would work 100.0

im not sure what i did wrong in the coding of the imsmanifest.xml, i didnt change anything important i just changed the path of the original file (jeopardy.htm\jeopardy.swf\jeopardy.htm) near the bottom of the file to a file inside a new folder (overview/overview.html ~ overview/overview.swf ~ overview/overview.html)

when i went to view the quiz as the learner and the video worked but the scoring wouldn't, again. its a little difficult to explain but if you have any suggestions or questions please i could really use the help.


p.s another quick question. is anyone else having problems viewing quizzes with the firefox browser? because i am also having a problem with firefox where it wont play the quiz.
Apr 9, 2008 at 6:17 PM
ok, so im starting to think i messed up the wording on that last post, seeing that no one has yet to reply. lets see if i can try this again!

I successfully created a short video and quiz in Captivate 3, and successfully created a .zip that was used by SLK as an assignment. Everything worked like a charm and i couldn't ask for anything more, except my Boss thought otherwise. Now I am trying to place my flash video inside of a flash based wrapper, and then get it to work on SLK. Since said wrapper involvement, i was able to get the video and quiz to function properly in SLK and was able to assign the project to one of my learners. The only problem i am currently running into now is the fact that when I submit the answers of the quiz to the Instructor, the score comes up as ZERO. I'm not sure why this is taking place but I could use some help.