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Basic Web Player loading issue

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Jul 7, 2011 at 1:50 PM

I have integrated the Basic Web Player project into another web application to allow for LMS capabilities.  I had originally done this with an older version of the MLC (1.07.99).  It worked well until we ran into a couple of issues with the cmi.suspend_data element not being large enough to track all of the learners course progress.  I am attempting to upgrade the MLC to the latest version to resolve this issue.  What is now happening is that I am unable to get my courses to finish loading through the web player.  It is able to find all the necessary information on attempt and user, and even finds the package files, the course navigation loads in the TOC.aspx frame.  However, it never hits the page_load on the Content.aspx to load the course content and I am getting a File Not Found exception displaying where the content.aspx would be.  Very few modifications have been done to the web player project, the main thing being changing paths that it looks for to find the correct paths for my application.  Has the basic web player project also been updated to work with the latest MLC code?  Does anybody have any suggestions on how to be able to hit the page_load method of content.aspx? 


Jul 8, 2011 at 1:05 AM

Well I found the answer finally after diving deep into the debugging of MLC.  It was looking for a ContentTypeMapping.xml in the \app_data folder of my application.  I grabbed that from the latest Basic Web Player code and it loaded the course!  Problem solved