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SPanish language Pack to SLK 1 - 1.3 version

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May 15, 2008 at 4:03 PM
Looking for the spanish language pack i found with that really doesn't exists....the 1.2 language pack doesn't include spanish.

I've found the translation files to generate the langaguage pack,but the Localization Guide document says :
"Once satisfied that the translations are correct and appropriate, the translated Translation Files can be uploaded to CodePlex.  Once on CodePlex, the SLK Community Lead will create a Microsoft security code signed Language Pack and make it available on CodePlex."

So, why doesn't exists the spanish language pack for the production releases of SLK? , I could appreciate that recently (two days ago!) has been released a pack that incluides spanish for the beta version(1.3.1) but,what about with the stable versions?, if the translation files have already been uploaded why the spanish language pack is not available for this versions?

i've built the solution with the uploaded translation files : , but according with the documentation it's recomended only install the packs published by codeplex in a production environment...

I would appreciate your information about this topic, so, is safe install this language pack generated by myself with the translation files mentionated? or what workaround is the best choice.

Thanks..i hope your answers!

May 16, 2008 at 1:17 PM
Hi JHenao,

      Language packs (including Spanish) have been released for the 1.3.1 release. No language packs were released for the 1.3.0 release. The 1.3.0 release was built out of a changeset that was not compatible with the language packs. And it was not possible to build compatible language packs out of any code snapshot. The only way to make a release was to build it out of a modified copy (with no mapping with any changeset on the server), which does not feel right for an official release. Since 1.3.1 is on its way, we went ahead and made language packs for this new release.
     Also, nothing prevents a user from building a language pack for the 1.3.0 release on their own. The restrictions with respect to code-signing have been removed starting with the 1.3.0 release. So language packs built by you are as safe as the ones released on CodePlex for the current releases. 
     Hope that helps.