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Jun 19, 2008 at 6:26 PM
Hi folks! I'm working with SLK since yesterday and I´m very impressed for the tool!!! After check its capacities, I started to search for a good SCORM tool and I've found LCDS. I've read many forums and almost everyone had have no problem creating content and uploading in into WSS-SLK. But in my case, I have the following problem: I create the course (LCDS), I take the course folder inside de <course folder>, compress it (the file imsmanifest.xml remains in the root of the zip file), I upload OK, I added to Learning Content OK, but when I try to access IE instead of open the course tries to download (it ask me to select a place to download the zip file).
I've made many tests, including add accent words (I'm from Argentina), I put the language English in LCDS but nothing happens. I've run some test and I've found that if you do not add content (you let the LCDS proyect as LCDS create blank) it work, but when you add some content the course stops working.
Is any way to trace what's happening, why SLK do not open the training course properly? Or anyone knows the problem and the solution?
Thanks to all in advance.

Agustín Mariano Catellani