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Aug 6, 2008 at 3:08 PM
We are about start a rather large-scale deployment using SharePoint and SLK.  Over 3000 learners grouped into 20 localized groups.  Naturally this would be a full-time job just managing all the assignments, so we are trying to bring at least one person at each Training Center up to speed as a SLK Instructor.  What better way, then to offer a Train the Trainer course, and when it's passed: Knight them with Instructor-hood.

So before we start rolling our own course, I was wondering:
a) does anyone know of such SCORM module in existence?
b) would anyone be interested in doing this as a collaborative effort?  -  seems like this would be something of great benefit, and a nice compliment to good ol' for learning how SCORM and SLK play together.

If other people are interested, and it becomes a group effort, seems like the perfect OpenSource / GNU / Creative Commons project.  What are your thoughts?