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SLK Learner / SLK Instructor roles appear in some sites but not others

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Aug 25, 2008 at 2:46 AM

Hi everyone,

See if anyone can shed light on this:-

I have a single site collection, but part of it has been created "out of the box" and another part of it was created by a migration tool that we used to migrate content from our old LiveLink system to SharePoint.

After we install the SharePoint Learning Kit, the roles for "SLK Learner" and "SLK Instructor" only appear in the sites that are, as far as I can tell, "unmodified" SharePoint sites.

The roles do not appear in any of the sites containing migrated LiveLink content, nor in sites based on third party (Corasworks) templates.

So - will everything be ok if I simply create these roles programmatically for the sites where they don't appear? And can anyone think of a reason why they might not have appeared in those sites?

If I find out any more clues I'll post them as well.


Aug 25, 2008 at 7:21 AM
Edited Aug 25, 2008 at 7:22 AM

More information - apparently I can add those role definitions in relatively ok. I seem to have two problems which are compounding the difficulty level.

It seems possible that the sites in which the roles don't appear have been moved using the "Manage Site Content and Structure" tool. Everything looks fine but the site won't let me add the role definitions because it tells me it is inheriting those. Now the role *assignments* have been set to unique, but the inheritance of the role definitions don't seem to be available through the user interface.

So programmatically I ask it where it is inheriting it's role definitions from - it turns out to be the *old* parent site (the one from under which it had previously been moved). So I add the role definition *there* instead. That works for the old parent site (SLK Learner now appears) but the site I'm interested in still refuses to show SLK Learner. So I tell it to break the role definition inheritence, and make itself copies of both the roles and the assignments - guess what? Now the SLK Learner and SLK Instructor roles magically pop up, without me even having to go back and re-add them once the inheritence was broken. Thumbs up Microsoft!

However, that was only issue number 1. I still get the error thrown by the Assigment web part. But guess what? *This* problem *isn't* limited to just the sites that didn't show the role definitions - this one seems to be system-wide. So I've hand-balled that KB article to my IT department to check out whether the server is somehow not-quite-right.

Sorry - did I hear you say "what KB article?" - this one was mentioned in another post - which still appears to outstanding.

By the way, someone called Jay was going to try to get a patch for that into the code in a couple of weeks time when things freed up. Er - that was February, did it get done? Should I just try to find the latest point release and see if it works? (not sure my IT people would be all that keen)