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SLK Queries in Assignment List Web Part

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Jan 10, 2007 at 6:43 AM
I tried to customiz the SLK Settings file by following the SDK, but no query and result display on the AssignmentListWebpart,the steps I had taken as following:
1.Copy the content of "Default SLK Setting XML" in SDK to a notebook and named it slksetting-t.xml
2.Add the query below to slksetting-t.xml and add "<IncludeQuery QueryName="GradedLearnerAssignments"/>" to " <QuerySet Name="InstructorQuerySet" Title="Instructor Query Set" DefaultQueryName="ActiveInstructor">
... <IncludeQuery QueryName="GradedLearnerAssignments"/>
<IncludeQuery QueryName="Users"/>
3.Navigate to Configure SharePoint Learning Kit page and upload slksetting-t.xml

4.Navigate to the page which with the AssignmentListWebpart.

Do I miss any steps or configuration?