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Error with an ADAM authenticated Learner on an extended web site in the Extranet zone trying to take assignments

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Jan 11, 2007 at 6:04 PM

We are currently encountering an error when an ADAM authenticated user tries to take an assignment that has been assigned to an extended web site in the Extranet zone, and I am wondering if anyone here may be able to suggest a solution. Basically, here is what we have done as I understand it:

1. We set up ADAM
2. We created an internal Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 web site, say with the host header http://intranet/
3. We then extended this web application to another IIS Web Site in the Extranet zone using Central Administration, say with the host header http://extranet/
4. We then set up the http://extranet/ web site to use ADAM
5. We then installed the SharePoint Learning Kit 1.0 Production code onto the http://intranet/ web site. In the AddSolution and DeploySolution files we just used the http://intranet/ URL
6. We observed that the SharePoint Learning Kit was available on the http://extranet/ web site, most likely due to the fact that it is an extended web site from the http://intranet/ web site
7. On the http://intranet/ site, using an Active Directory account, I then added an AD based Instructor user and an ADAM based Learner user
8. On the http://intranet/ site, using the AD Instructor user, I then uploaded an assignment to the http://intranet/ site
9. On the http://intranet/ site, using the AD Instructor user, I then selected the E-Learning Actions link for this assignment.
10. On the http://intranet/ site, on the E-Learning Actions page, I then selected the current site (only one listed) in the Assign it to someone else section
11. On the http://intranet site, on the Create an Assignment page, I then selected the ADAM Learner user
12. On the http://extranet/ site, using the ADAM Learner user, I then selected the assignment under the My Assignments section (note that when hovering over the assignment the URL listed in the lower left corner of the IE window is http://intranet/)
13. I am then redirected to the http://intranet/ site and am unable to take the assignment as the ADAM Learner user

At step 10 on the E-Learning Actions page we’ve tried the link Add a site to this list, and typing in http://extranet/ However, because the http://extranet/ site has the same title as the http://intranet/ site (it’s an extended web site from http://intranet/), the SharePoint Learning Kit does not allow us to add the http://extranet/ site to the E-Learning Actions page. Any help suggested is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Jan 26, 2007 at 9:13 PM
I am just going to bump this up, with a little more information as I know it.

SLK seems to be using th site id (GUID) to determine that site listing. Both a site and its extension have the exact same GUID. Extending a web application in SharePoint does not open up a new content database or really have anything in the content DB to set itself apart. In the Webs table SharePoint handles the URL as "sites/sitename".

URL handling must occur in the application layer somewhere. This way a user goes to one site sees and accesses the same documents as someone who goes to the site extension. It wouldn't make sense for SP to hold the documents 2 different places in the DB. So when I as a forms based user access it, it passes my URL and appends the document location to it. Same as when you as a windows user access the same content.

It looks to me like to get SLK to work with multiple forms of authentication, it will need to adapt to or chain into what ever SharePoint is using to render the URL based on the zone you logged into.

So it comes down to - is this a bug - design flaw - outside the original scope etc... ?

Any thoughts?