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Encountering Problems with SharePointLearningKit.dll functions.

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Sep 4, 2008 at 10:06 AM
I am encountering issues in SharepointLearningKit.dll functions. I used the SLKDLL as reference.  I cant solve this issue.. Can you take a look at this?
At Page_load of my page i have this code: (I got this from the source code of SLKDLL solution QueryResults.aspx.cs)
spWeb =
slkStore =
QueryDefinition queryDef = slkStore.Settings.FindQueryDefinition("ToDoLearner");
List<RenderedCell[]> renderedRows = job.PerformQuery(query);
Then when PerformQuery() function is called:
List<RenderedCell[]> PerformQuery(QueryDefinition queryDef)
//LearningStore learningStore = new LearningStore("", "");
// create a job for executing the query specified by <queryDef>
LearningStoreJob job = slkStore.LearningStore.CreateJob();
//Guid spWebScopeMacro = (new Guid(spWeb.ID.ToString()));
Guid? spWebScopeMacro
= (spWeb.ID.ToString() ==
null) ? (Guid?)null : (new Guid(spWeb.ID.ToString()));
// create a query based on <queryDef>
LearningStoreQuery query = null;
AlwpQueryResults alwpQueryResults = new AlwpQueryResults();
int[,] columnMap; // see QueryDefinition.CreateQuery
//query = slkStore.LearningStore.CreateQuery(LearnerAssignmentListForLearners.ViewName);
query = alwpQueryResults.CreateStandardQuery(queryDef,
false, spWebScopeMacro, out columnMap);
//query = null;
catch (SlkSettingsException ex)
throw new SafeToDisplayException(ex.Message);
// add the query to the job
if (spWeb != null)
When Job.PerformQuery(query) is called it goes to LearningStoreJob.cs:
void PerformQuery(LearningStoreQuery query)
// Check parameters
if (query == null)
throw new ArgumentNullException("query");
// Verify that the query is on the correct store
if (!Object.ReferenceEquals(query.Store, m_store))
throw new InvalidOperationException(
And when Object.ReferenceEquals(query.Store,m_store) is called.. i got its return as always false..
Thus it prompts me an error that the "The query is not compatible with this LearningStore instance".
I compared the content of query.Store and m_store. they are very much alike. Can you provide some inputs regarding this? Hope you could help me.