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1.3.1 RC in production environment

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Sep 17, 2008 at 6:24 PM
Looks like 1.3.1 is ready to go (when the final recompile with the last required changes are final)

CUrrently working on:

Server farm of 3 servers (MOSS x64)
With the spanish language pack and config for SLK

2 trainings going on: 5000 users and 3600 users (No problems so far)

Question: The assignment of the training takes a LOOOONG time (with this many people registered as SLK Learners) is there any way to make this faster? (it takes a lot of CPU time in the client to do it)

Can we use windows security groups to assign training to them? (when added to a moss group with SLK learner properties? or are we forced to add all users to MOSS groups?