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SLK 1.6 and lots of users

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Jun 12, 2012 at 3:46 PM


We've implemented SLK on our SharePoint 2010 environment and want to use it to manage CBT for our organisation of around 4000 people. I would like SLk to use AD security groups to determine who should see what course but this seems not to work so I have used SharePoint groups. However I seem to be hitting some sort of internal limit - it seems that if a group has more that 600 (approx) members then anyone after the 600th is ignored. Additionally the assignment property pages (.../_layouts/SharePointLearningKit/AssignmentProperties.aspx) seems to take an age to load and breaks with "Sys is undefined" Javascript errors.

Can SLK accommodate this number of users and, if so, what is the "recommended" way of managing which user sees what course?

Thanks in advance.