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Trigger some other activity upon assigning course material?

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Oct 9, 2008 at 2:12 AM
Hi folks,

If I wanted to "piggy-back" some other functionality onto the assignment of material to learners (for instance I might want to initiate a workflow for each person who has been assigned coursework, or I may want to create one record in a list for each person, etc), where might be the best place to start?

Options that have occured to me so far include:
1. Make a modified version of the "AssignmentProperties.aspx" page with additional functionality
2. Create a new web part based off the assignment list web part that does something with the returned data
3. Create a new web part from scratch that uses the SLK Api to talk to the SLK Database
4. Use some form of event handler (but as we're not using OOTB SharePoint lists this probably wont work)

Any advice?