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Basic web player sample problem

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Sep 4, 2012 at 6:53 AM

This question is related to Basic Web Player sample that was recently downloaded.

I understand that this code is provided AS IS but I would greatly appreciate help to resolve these issues or give some directions that will allow me to resolve myself.
I ported Basic Web Player example to our company's web application and therefor it is very important for us.
1. When I click on submit training menu item in TOC frame - "Submit this training?" message appears in content frame with two buttons "Submit" and "Cancel".
When I click on "Submit" button - nothing happens. There is no any submit action. Form stays the same. 
When I click on "Cancel" button - "Please, wait..." message appears in content frame forever.  
Neither "Submit" no "Cancel" works for Submit Training menu click. 
Please, let me know what would be possible way to fix this problem?
In our case it would be acceptable to execute immediate submit without confirmation message. 
2. For one of the sample packages that we are using for SCORM test when we click "Next" or "Previous" navigation toolbar icons in TOC frame -
outer submit of the SCORM course is executed (with any confirmation question).
Sample SCORM package that demonstrate these behavior can be provided. 
Thank you in advance.