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SCORM Package with multiple SCO's in BWP

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Oct 4, 2012 at 5:26 PM

We built simple LMS based on Basic Web Player. Another company has it's own tool for buidling scorm packages from predefined presentations and materials. User can pick one or more elements and create single package out of them.

Each element is independent SCO. When user starts package, LMS is initialized. When he goes to another part, LMS data is stored and finished, and another LMS instance is opened.

Each SCO has it's own cmi.core.score.max and cmi.core.score.raw data model values. The problem is this: when user runs package with two SCO's, his final score is 200 (score from all SCO's is summed). We'd like to scale final score of assignment so when there are two SCO's and user finishes them both with 100 points, we'd like to have 100 point's saved. If he got 100 point from 200, we'd like to save in DB he achieved 50 points.

Any ideas how we can solve this issue?