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Oct 25, 2012 at 2:29 PM

We are using sharepoint 2010 / SLK 1.6. After having upgraded from Sharepoint 2007 / SLK 1.4 we ran into a couple of problems using the new stylesheets. Our last and major problem right now is the following:  When a learner wants to submit an assignment that has more than 2 pages in the navigation frame,  the system hangs up, it is not possible to "submit assignment":

115 var frameMgr = API_GetFramesetManager();
116 frameMgr.SetAttemptId(document.getElementById("hidAttemptId").value);Jscript error: SEC7115: Die Formate ":visited" und ":link" können nur farblich voneinander abweichen. Manche Formate wurden nicht auf ":visited" angewendet.

(Germ-> Engl: formats ":visited" and ":link" may only differ in color. Some formats were not used for ":visited")

As the above error description may not be all that conclusive, please feel free to use the following data to login in as a learner of “testklasse_1”, You then can start any of the assignments and try to submit them:a



or go directly into this class:

Learner ids:
lernwelt\vo test2

All users have the same pwd: hbshbs

If the next page shows up in the right hand frame, asking the learner whether he wants to submit the assignment, displaying the options of "submit" and "cancel", nothing happens if you click on "submit".

Other info:
- Most ressources have been scormed using Microsoft class server and all worked just fine under the "old" software constellation.

- is a stricly non-profit organization, despite the "biz" - it just was the only domain name available in conunction with "lernwelt" ~ world of learning.

Any input will really be appreciated!

Michael Finselbach