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Assignment Error : "Column 'LearnerAssignmentGuidId' not found in the view"

Nov 20, 2008 at 6:52 PM
Hi All,

I found an error when I try to open an assignment as a learner in my Assignment Webpart.

The webpart shows an "ERROR" after the "To Do" label, and inside the webpart table it said to check the event log. Below is the snapshot of the event log, please be informed that the webpart shows no error when I logon as a teacher.

Thank you..

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Windows SharePoint Services 3
Event Category: None
Event ID: 0
Date: 11/20/2008
Time: 10:43:23 AM
User: N/A
Computer: MOSS
Error di SharePoint Learning Kit System.InvalidOperationException: Column 'LearnerAssignmentGuidId' not found in the view.
   at Microsoft.LearningComponents.Storage.LearningStoreQuery.AddColumn(String columnName)
   at Microsoft.SharePointLearningKit.SlkStore.GetLearnerAssignmentGuidId(LearningStoreItemIdentifier learnerAssignmentId)
   at Microsoft.SharePointLearningKit.ApplicationPages.AlwpQueryResults.RenderColumnCell(RenderedCell renderedCell, WebNameRenderedCell webNameRenderedCell, HtmlTextWriter hw, Boolean isObserver, SlkStore slkStore)
   at Microsoft.SharePointLearningKit.ApplicationPages.AlwpQueryResults.RenderQueryResults(QueryDefinition queryDef, List`1 renderedRows, HtmlTextWriter hw)
   at Microsoft.SharePointLearningKit.ApplicationPages.AlwpQueryResults.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)

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Nov 26, 2008 at 10:54 AM
I think that the LearnerAssignmentGuidId was added in 1.31. Have you upgraded to 1.31 from a previous version. If so you need to start again with a fresh database or upgrade the database.

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