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2 Days Left Christmas Special Offer - Buy PowerPoint to Flash Converter and Get Flash Quiz Tool and eCard Maker For Free

Dec 29, 2008 at 3:09 PM

Special Offer From Sameshow Forum:


I got a newsletter from sameshow today. They provide special offer as follows:

Buy PPT2Flash Professional(PowerPoint to Flash Converter for SLK) now and you can get Two Products for FREE: QuizCreator and PPT to eCard

Catch the last chance to buy now and enjoy this offer with a lot of benefits.
- Save up to $ 250. With $ 199.95, you can get a software package value of $449.95.
- 20 FREE Christmas templates to make a Holiday look and feel.
- Instant Electronic Keycode Delivery. No shipping worry at all.

Want to shine your Holiday now, get all of them immediately from the below link:

The discount link is available until Dec. 31st, 2008

Hope it helps! Happy New Year!


Dec 30, 2008 at 5:58 PM
Just sharing an offer I received in an email from the deveolopers of THESIS Professional. THESIS is fully integrated with the microsoft office suite and has been tested and used with the SLK.  This is their December Promotion which was sent to me in an email. They sent this offer internally to people that are current users or downloaded their trial/evaluation offer. I checked with them and they told me that they would  extend this offer into January if I emailed them I'll bet if you tell them you received word of this offer they would gladly honor it even if you didn't download a trial version. Their website is:   I would  read the info and if your interested in the product contact them at the email link in the promo below. I am a developer and I use several different tools I really like their products,  services, and great customer support. THESIS will allow you to convert existing content from virtually any format to SCORM standards and allow you to author SCORM content directly out of your microsoft applications. Pretty cool stuff...........


                                      END OF YEAR SALE

  Limited Time Offer 25% discount on the entire THESIS Product Line

                                Through December 31, 2008.



You are receiving this email because you are valued existing customer or you have downloaded our 15 day trial evaluation of THESIS Professional in the past. Now is your chance to buy our world class  SCORM Conversion, Content Authoring, Course Building and Assessment Creation Software at an exceptional price.


 For the month of December we are offering a 25% discount on THESIS Professional, THESIS Standard,  Librarian, and Software Assurance/ Maintenance 


Regular Price                                           Sales Price

THESIS Professional  $499.00          Sales Price $374.25 per license

THESIS Standard       $399.00           Sales Price $299.25 per license

Librarian                   $1575.00          Sales Price $1196.00 per License

All Software Assurance/Maintenance Agreements 25% Off



Example of Year End Promotion for THESIS Professional

With this proposal we are offering a 25% discount on single seat pricing for THESIS Professional License and 1 yr of Software Assurance and Maintenance.  Standard Pricing for THESIS Professional  is $499.00 for license + 124.75 (1yr SA&M) total $623.75.


Sales Price is 25% off…… so the price for this offering is $467.81 a savings of nearly $156.00 per seat.



Please email  to take advantage of our year end sale before the close business on December 31st 2008


Hope this helps! Happy New Year!