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SharePoint Learning Kit with CourseLab Packages

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Mar 7, 2013 at 10:44 AM
Hi all

So I've noticed that CourseLab 1.2 packages stores answers (where you left off last) and support review mode if you load up the page with your assessment (or CourseLab Test in this case) twice (i.e. selecting it from the left BWP left menu, letting it load and then selecting it again). It gives you a little pop-up if your course doesn't support recurring approach that it will continue from the last unanswered question.

Is there any way to automate or fix this? Since asking users to click the assessment page twice would be a bit silly.

P.S. Sorry, I realise this is more of a CourseLab question than it is an SLK question, but I figured that there'd be a better chance of someone here having used CourseLab than there would be of someone on the CourseLab forums having used SLK.