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e-Learning Actions not available in Actions Menu

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Jan 9, 2009 at 3:17 PM

Hi.  I am experiencing issues with the SharePoint Learning Kit and not having the e-Learning Actions show up in the Actions Menu.

I have deployed the SLK to our intranet portal and have checked and double checked all of the suggested fixes listed below:  (found in the FAQs for the SLK)

"I've installed and configured SLK, but "E-Learning Actions" is not showing up on my document library menu

In order to assign content from a document library, the site that the document library is on must have the SharePoint Learning Kit feature activated. If you don't see the 'E-Learning Actions' item, it's usually because you haven't activated the feature, or you activated it, but the document library you're using isn't on the site that you activated it on. To be sure it's activated on the right site:

  1. Be sure you are signed in to SharePoint with permissions that allow you to change site settings
  2. Navigate to the document library that you want to assign from
  3. On the Site Actions menu, click Site Settings
  4. Under Site Administration, click Site features
  5. On the SharePoint Learning Kit row in the list of site features, click Activate "

The feature is enabled across the site collection, and is activated on the site that the document library exists on.  I have deactivated and re-activated, and have even done an IIS reset for good measure.  I have the Assignment List Web Part available, and have added it to the page, but am unable to test it due to the fact that I can't assign anything without the e-Learning action.

Please help.  Thank you!