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Assignment:Web Part can not be imported.

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Jan 16, 2009 at 11:12 PM
I've installed MLG(1.0)  and SLK(1.3.1 RC) on a Windowns 08 Server. It's a 64 bit machince. It also has MOSS 07, WWS 3.0  and SQL 05. Created a simple farm with one school and 64 classes, about 135 students and 15 teachers in the mix.  It appears to work, (haven't added Exchange 07, that will be finished this week). The only error message at this point is with the assignment web part. It simply state the web part can not be imported. I've looked for the error message in the event viewer with no success.

Tried to install Course Manager, (maybe it would fix the assignment bug in the process), but it informed me there was no 1.3.1, I assume it was looking for the alpha version.

I'm guessing the import web part area may pertain to permissions, but wasn't sure with SQL studio and the correct drill down.

Don't want to uninstall/reinstall 1.3.1 from RC to alpha (don't want to type in all the classes/users again) which for some seem to be the trick.

Anyone out there can share a little hope. 



Jan 26, 2009 at 6:38 PM

Hard to tell what the "Import" issue might be, there are many factors to take in to account.

For the SLK/CM RC1 conflict, all you have to do is recompile the code so the DLL's work with 1.3.1. I have complied them and have created many working instances of SLK RC1/CM RC1. If you do not want to reinstall, you can just replace the DLL's in the GAC and it will work like a charm.

Another option is to read this thread on how to get the code I have complied.

Hope this helps...