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Reporting out of SLK Database

Jan 19, 2009 at 5:45 PM
So I have done some pecking through the SLK DB trying to figure out all the relationships.  I have done a decent job, but am still not 100% there yet.  We are looking to generate some reports basded on usages of exams and I figure it should be fairly straight forward to do in RS or Crystal Reports.

Here is are the 2 major ones I am looking for

Staus by student of all their exams
Total count by status for all students by exam

I can get Assigned and Final numbers, but have been unable to track down Not Started vs In Progress vs Final

Joining the UserItem, LearnerAssignmentItem, and AssignmentItem gets me assignments by user and by lesson which is nice to have, but status is only reflected as IsFinal or not.  There is a LearnerAssignmentState table that doesn't appear to be user at all, and doesn't quite have the right data.  What table does the system use when it outputs the status by user on the Grading.aspx page?  If I knew that, I could probably get what I need.