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slk scorm always "in progress" why?

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Oct 9, 2013 at 12:53 PM
hi all,

i just finished a project in flash that is running in slk.
i'm using scorm 2004 and flash cs6 but publish foe flash player 9.

the assignment is showing "in progress" at the end and not submitted,
its working great in scorm cloud.

also what is the functionality of the submit button?
do i need it? can i hide it?
what's the difference from the save & close button?

appreciate your help :)
Oct 20, 2013 at 9:07 AM
On a test server you could try turning on debugging to see what the package is passing to SLK.

From the frameset documentation:

Clicking the Submit button submits the assignment as complete via an ExitAll command and the submitted confirmation page is displayed in the content frame

The frameset has a Save & Close button on the right side of the title frame as illustrated in the image above. Clicking the image or text saves the data model, completely unloads the content frame, and then closes the frameset. The image has a tooltip, “Save & Close”. The image and text is hidden when full page state-change messages are displayed (see 2.1.8). Some SCORM content performs extensive operations during unload of content web pages. If the user closes the browser window directly there is no guarantee that the e-learning content unload handler is fully executed prior to closing the frameset, which may cause data loss. Save & Close ensures that the unload event handler in the content is complete before closing the frameset.