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Scoring Issue

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Jun 6, 2009 at 12:32 PM
I have a module with 3 questions. Each question is given 6 points. So the total points for the module is 18. I set the Max score of the "total" objective for the module to 18.

I published the course as SCORM 2004 format and uploaded to SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK) site.

Using the Course Manager of SLK, I set the weight value of the course activity to 18 and the Max Score to 18 also.

After completing the questions, SLK shows a Total Course of 50/18. This means it calculated the points of the three questions as 50!!!

I also got 50/100 when I chenged the Weight and Max Score values to 100 each!!!

The same result appeared when I set the Scale Module to 100% option from the Runtime Settings of the Module.