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SLK ability to play MP4 Files

Jun 29, 2009 at 2:19 PM

This is going to be pretty vague, but I got it from a user and while I am waiting for more information, I figured I would bounce it off of you guys..

We have a group who has produced training in Camtasia in MP4 format. The file doesn't play in our LMS. According to Microsoft, MP4 can be played on Windows Media Player only with special codecs that must be downloaded or on QuickTime. Users may have to select an option to Automatically Update on Windows Media Player to obtain the codecs. I'm not so sure that is something we want to do. Is there a set player that SLK automatically launches if it is a media file with the SCORM package?

Do you know if QuickTime files are compatible with SLK or our LMS?

Any help is appreciated.