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Permissions Need to be created : True

Jul 2, 2009 at 11:52 PM


It would appreciated if anybody could resolve the issue.

1. Both the default databse server of central administration and sharepoint learning kit database are same.

2.i have checked the slkadm for getconfiguration , its said that "Permissions Need to be created:true" ,rest of things are ok.

3.I was trying to run slkadm for configuring, its giving me the error "command Line error"

here i have pasted the command"

D:\Mani\Sharepoint\SLK-1.3.1>slkadm -o configuresite -url http://srv-orion/sites/learningkit -databaseserver "DemoServer;user
id=administrator;password=password" -database SharePointLearningKit -createdatabase -instructorPermission "SLK Instructor
" -learnerPermission "SLK Learner" -observerPermission "SLK Observer" -createPermissions -uploadslksettings slksettings.xml -

Eventhough sql server using windows authentication, i configured username and password also in the command line .

its giving the command Line error.

Please anybody have look and let me know.its highly appreciated.

i have checked that blog also..""

But somewhat i was lost.Please help me to resolve this.