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Localizing the Course Player

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Jul 3, 2009 at 11:09 PM


We are using the course player from within the SLK to present SCORM courses to users. This is working fine, we have integrated this into our site so that we can keep and maintain results of the user's course attemps. Now we need to localize it. We are finding that this is not easy. We would like to use the packs that you can download but we arent sure where in the system they get put and how they get used. Does anyone have experience with this, can anyone give us pointers?

We have gone and tried to make changes to the c# and the javascript but this makes it to that courses in languages other than english do not complete correctly. Ultimately we would like to use the language packs and keep the code clean but without a way to use the course packs this may be what we have to do.

If anyone could give help or advice that would be greatly appreciated.