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Web Part Error loading home page

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Oct 4, 2016 at 3:23 PM
We are using SLK 1.8 on a Sharepoint 2013 farm configuration. Everything has been running fine since the initial deployment a few months ago in July. Yesterday I was notified by end user that there was error when browsing to the main SLK page with the Assignment List Web Part (http://siteurl/default.aspx). The error was Web Part Error: File Not Found. Correlation ID: can supply if necessary.

We tried to add the web part but get an error 'Cannot import this Web Part'. We did an IIS reset last night after business hours and everything was back to normal. However, this morning after normal use we're in the same situation. Funny thing is, it's working just fine on the other front end in our SharePoint farm (it is the front end for external users).

Anybody else experiencing this issue? Any suggestions?