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Render to client

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Dec 1, 2016 at 5:22 PM
I follow your development since the first version.
i use the MLC to develop a LMS with Scorm player (like the web basic player)
With Api I can :
upload package file (in database, and file system)
Assign learner to organization Id in a course (by my application)
Create a attempts on user by calling MLC API
All of these run very well.

Well, when the view is "execute" and AttemptId = x, we can start the sequence, this run, but it's very difficult to follow (in web basic player) the ways for displaying HTML or web page or resources.

You indicate in your documentation (Microsoft Learning Components, Learning Sessions: ApiRef/MlcSessions.htm)
"Note that the navigation operations listed in the previous two bullets are separate from content rendering, i.e. generating HTML or other Web pages, or resources referenced from those pages, for display to a user in a browser. Rendering is performed by calling StoredLearningSession.Render."
This function is not well documented, what is the Context, do you retrieve the html from [ActivityPackageItem] and [ResourceItem] tables?

Please help me
Also, have you a complete API documentation.

Sorry for my mistakes in English.
Thanks in advance.
Feb 17 at 4:55 PM
Hi Patrick,

Unfortunately there's no other documentation. I'm not sure who wrote the scorm player code, but I'm pretty sure it hasn't changed since the first release back for SharePoint 2007. You'll need to have a look at the code to see what's it's doing.