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Images missing in banner

Aug 22, 2009 at 6:50 AM



We have default install of the SLK.


In the Site Master Page Settings when I assigned the default.master page to the site collection I break the connection to the MLGSchool.master which is in the file system, now I have the default master active instead of the MLGSchool.master and no way to get the MLGSchool.master back via the Site Master Page Settings.


If I copy the MLGSchool.master out of the file system to the Master Page Gallery and assign it via the Site Master Page Settings the banner images, SchoolLogo and Schoolbanner don’t display due to the wrong path to the images in the Picture Library.


I can see in the MLGSchool.master the asp:Image class programmatically makes the connection to the Picture Library/SchoolLogo.gif.


Can anyone help with this problem?