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MLG with 1.4 (another fresh install)

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Sep 7, 2009 at 3:07 AM

I've used the .wsp found in Part 3 of the source code (using 1.3.1 install package). I've step through the process of MLG deployment guide and find myself at page 108. Do I continue by running the InstallSolutions.cmd found in the orginal mlg\installation package, or is there something else. My concern is putting old code with new.  I knew Richard modified many of the in mlg 1.1 to fit 1.3.1, but wonder what the next step should be.  there's so much source code in the three packages, but it doesn't seem I'm using much of it.

Thanks for the help. 


Northwest Iowa,


Sep 10, 2009 at 1:05 AM

Ended up running the InstallSolution from the original mlg. Been fighting dns hiccups since I'm not using ISA to direct the traffic, have most of them solved. 

Web parts not behaving according to plan. Planner page-"could not load file or assembly", with a ssl/tsl issues as well.  The calendar flashed for a few moments upon first creation, but it was short lived.

Assignments-cannot import this webpart, but was able to add Plan & Assign, Monitor & Assess. Hopefully this is the correct place for these two webparts. Course Manager Pages are also available as webparts, I wonder if this webpart should be added here. 

The Dropbox webpart options appears only when logon as admin, not real sure which page to add this.  As an instructor, I don't get this option, so I can not depend on my teachers being able to add this to their page.

Off to add students to some of the classes this evening, since the webparts don't effect the database. Hope others are farther along with their projects.