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Instructions for initial install of 1.4

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Nov 5, 2009 at 6:09 PM

I am brand new to SLK, and would like to start by installing release 1.4 on my development server for some testing.  It appears that the installation instructions in the "Getting Started" guide do not apply to this release.  Is that correct?  What is the best way to get installed with version 1.4?  Should I first install 1.3.1, and then follow instructions for upgrade to 1.4, or is there a more direct route to take?

Thanks much for any advice.

Nov 5, 2009 at 11:39 PM

If I remember correctly you just use the old package (1.3.1) and replace the .wsp with the new one from 1.4. Be sure to use the latest Getting Started guide, available for download in the "Patches" section. The documentation leaves many questions unanswered, so we'll probably see you here again soon. Good luck!

Nov 5, 2009 at 11:59 PM

Thanks so much for the reply...makes perfect sense.  And actually, the install instructions were clear enough as well.  I was able to add and deploy the 1.4 package without problems.  I was also able to configure SLK, and verified that the new SharepointLearningKit SQL database was created.  However, when I visit any sites on my sharepoint server, every webpart simply says "Web Part Error". (thankfully this is just a development server!)   I can go to Site Features, and see the new SharePoint Learning Kit feature there, even tried activating it...but still all of my sites are showing broken web parts.   Has anyone else out there experienced this, by any chance?

Also, in case anyone is wondering, when I retract the solution, everything on the sites works again. 

Nov 6, 2009 at 7:28 PM

Ack!  As folks who are much younger and much more hip would say, "my bad".  The problem was due to a missing critical update to the .net framework.  Yes, that's right...I ignored the warnings (twice!) in the Getting Started manual, and well...there it is.  With the patch in place, things went much more smoothly.  I experienced a couple more moments of confusion, so to pay my penance for posting a question without following ALL instructions, here are a few notes from my installation of 1.4:

Step 0:  Make sure you've installed all critical updates.  I'M NOT JOKING!  Save yourself a day of headscratching.

Step 1:  I copied all files from SLK 1.3.1 to my server at C:\Install, just as instructed in "Getting Started"

Step 2:  I replaced the file c:\Install\Release\SharePointLearningKit.wsp with the version found in SLK 1.4 - Part 3\WSP\x86 (64 bit servers will use x64)

Step 3:  I replaced the file c:\Install\SlkSettings.xml with the version found in SLK 1.4 - Part 3\UpgradeFromSLK131ToSLK14  (Not sure if this is really necessary, but my install worked)

Step 4: I followed the excellent instructions in Getting Started, up to step 4.2.  At this point, step 4.2 was impossible for me, because I didn't have the SLK Course Manager Administration section in Central Admin.

Step 5: Turns out that I needed to activate Course Manager Administration on my server...a step not included in the instructions.  Open Central Admin on your server. Click Site Actions>Site Settings. Click Site Features.  Click Activate next to Course Manager Administration.  (Note that this step may need to be completed while standing on one foot, facing due South.  That's how I did it, and it worked...others may find this unecessary)

Step 6: Follow the rest of the excellent instructions.  Everything else worked exactly as advertised for me.  So far, the solution looks great!

I hope these notes prove useful to others who are doing an initial install of version 1.4 from scratch.