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Assessment Assignment

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Mar 16, 2007 at 11:19 AM
Hi Folks

We are having a bit of a problem with the assignment section of the SLK. Assigning assessments is working ok, i think the problem may be down to our design. To fill you in, we are designing an MLE for our college. Basically we have created a test bed with Faculty/School/Course/Subject layout. If i log on as a test computing lecturer and go to assign assessments to my computing students i need to manualy add the workspace webpage for each class which is under the choose the site where you would like to assign the resource. WHen i browse to this page it does save it for me, however if i log in as a diffrent computer lecturer then i need to go through the same process again and browse to course workspace. So has anyone found a method to autopoulate the "Assign to somone else" list.
Or is there a method for highliting the course workspace webpages as classes and assigning them to groups, which in turn would autopoulate the assessment assignment list on your behalf dependendt on the permissions to the groups
Mar 16, 2007 at 4:59 PM
This is a most recently used list of sites on a per-user basis, but there is a sample in the SLK SDK that shows you how you can programatically pre-populate this list of sites for your instructors. I think you could use that sample to do this.

From the sample .cs file:
// This sample code is located in Samples\SLK\AddToUserWebLists within
// This application adds Web sites to the user Web lists (visible in the E-Learning Actions page in
// the SLK user interface) of a given set of users. The input is a two-column spreadsheet in
// Microsoft Excel XML Spreadsheet format:
// 1. The first column is the login name of the user, including the domain name if needed.
// You can use ".\<login-name>" if <login-name> is a local machine account.
// 2. The second column is the URL of the SharePoint Web site to add to the user's Web list.
// If the Web site is already in their list, its timestamp is updated so it appears at the
// top of the most-recently-used list in E-Learning Actions.
// The spreadsheet file name can be specified on the command line. If it's not, the default is
// "UserWebList.xls" in the same directory as AddToUserWebLists.exe. There should be a worksheet
// (i.e. tab in Exce) named "User Web Lists".
Mar 19, 2007 at 10:53 AM
Yes, that worked perfectly - thanks for your help.