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Updating an existing SCORM package in MLC and Basic Web Player

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Feb 20, 2010 at 6:32 AM

Hi All,
          I am quite new to MLC and Basic web player( at least from knowledge point of view). I can successfully upload and execute scorm packages. But the scenario I am faced with is that, frequently, my already uploded packages need to be updated with the new content. So I need to update them by preserving old  values( e.g, attempts, interactions etc). Can any body help me out regarding how to do it?

 I am desperately in need of this
 Thanks in advance.


Wasif Ehsan.

Apr 22, 2010 at 11:55 AM

I'm not sure you figured this out yet, but here are some thoughts from the peanut gallery:

The key to the content is the ROOTACTIVITYID in the ATTEMPTITEM table. I found that this was key in launching a new or previous attempt. It has a relationship to the activityPackageItem table. Here is where the SCORM package is dissected via the IMSMANIFEST.

If your updated package contains additional SCOs then you may have difficulties in updating and inserting new SCOs in the table. But, if you are keeping the same structure of the content and making only non-SCO changes (text, graphics, sound, etc) then look in the PACKAGEITEM table to locate your dissected package. It would have a PACKAGEXXX in your file structure path that you created from your WEB.CONFIG  ( <add key="packageStoreDirectoryPath" value="C:\BasicWebPlayerPackages"/>). There you should be able to safely overwrite the content. I dont advise this becuase if you ever are faced with versioning, you wont be able to identify the previous package, but we do this for typos and small graphic changes.

Hope this helps a bit. I may have missed or misstated a few things, but the documentation for the BWP (Basic Web Player) is sparse. This was from observation and trial and error.




Apr 27, 2010 at 7:01 AM

Thanks abradford for replying to my post.

I understand the things to the level you have described. I am not concerned with the versioning. But I don't want to have any kind of limitations on the Update process that is I could update the existing package no matter new package contains same, more or less number of SCOs.

I also know that MLC does not provide any kind of ready-made functionality for doing this. The purpose for posting here was that if any body has modified/extended the MLC to accomplish this task.

Looking forward to get guidance in this regard.


Wasif Ehsan.