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Results not calculated for users


Hi !

We have been successfully using SLK 1.7 on SharePoint 2013 for hosting some scorm packages for training.

For a particular assignment that users are completing we are getting inconsistent results with the results displayed for some users and not others.

In the package I can see that the user has completed the course and it is set as final, however in the database in the learnerassignmentitem table I can see two different users, both with isFinal as true for the same assignmentID but with only one of them showing the finalpoints.

I wondered if anyone might have any pointers for where I should start with troubleshooting this ?

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kakisatyaprasad99 wrote Dec 15, 2016 at 1:23 PM

we are using SLK 1.7 on sharepoint 2013. After user attempting the course the scores are updating the AttemptItem, LearnerAssignmentItem table but the SuccessStatus values are setting as 0.
we are using SCORM content is 1.2. can you please suggest or help me on this issue?