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Missing sound when courseware is published as HTML5 into SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK) v1.8.2



We are currently using SLK v1.8.2 which is hosted in SharePoint 2010.

Our in-house developers create courseware using Adobe Captivate 9. It is published as (HTML5) into SLK. We use Captivate 9's features like record video and audio. Our learners reported that the video is unable to load and there is no audio.

We tested the same courseware in SharePoint 2010 library with no issue. It is able to run with video and audio.

Hope to get some advice pl.? Grateful for your time and attention. Thank you.


khoinv1990 wrote Dec 22, 2016 at 9:57 AM


I use the browser audio fails chorme play file scorm

error: frameset/Content.aspx/0/499/ar/16061.mp3 error code = 2 n/w state = 1

Please help me