SP2013 enrol in course error - due to UTC DATE TIME

I'm working on a SharePoint+SLK implementation within AUSTRALIA - and was finding that there's an error within a FUNCTION for the new SP2013 set (v1.7) We were finding that users could click on a...

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SLK not take Spanish language package in deployed new site

currently has an application that is deployed SLK.wsp with language pack in 3082 which works correctly in Spanish. slk to deploy a new site is not take language pack. the slk.wsp (3082) is deplo...

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Error Deploying SLK to another web application

Hi, I have deployed Solution on the Web-App1 and Now i want to deploy Solution to Web-App2 and it throws me this “Error: Cannot add the specified assembly to the global assembly cache: Microsoft....

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Learners cannot submit self assigned courses

Hi, This is a wonderful application set. I really like using it. I am getting concerns from my students that they cannot submit courses when they use the self enroll links. What happens is that ...

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EnumerateDomainGroups in Claims Based Auth

I've noticed a bug on AssignmentPropertiesPage. When PopulateSlkMembers() is called in a CBA web app, if a group is from another domain the page won't load. This is due to EnumerateDomainGroups c...

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SLK FinishedDateTimeStamp Issue

SLK storing date '1753-01-01 00:00:00.000' as FinishedDateTimeStamp for some of the assignments. Please suggest.

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SLK 1.7: cross browser problems with page refresh on lobby.aspx

Hi, we have some problems with with the auto refresh on the lobby.aspx page. We have inserted a custom close button in a captivate quiz which closes a test by calling window.close(). This is work...

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Support mp4 videos fully in SLK

Hi, I have a SCORM content that contains HTML5 based content, few mp4 video and mp3 audio files embedded in the content. When I play the content using IE 9 , the mp4 video does not play. I am u...

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One Way Trust Domain can fetch AD Group Members

Hi, My Server has two installed domain. Domain A has 2 way trust (System Account is Added in this Domain) Domain B has 1 way trust. When I add an AD Group from Domain A in my Site. SLK can ge...

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Navigation breaking when clicking new node before load finished

Hi I have an issue where if I click one page of the course and then click another (before the first page has finished loading) it breaks the navigation. After the above, it will then load the...

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