Theme png images won't display

Hi, SLK install on SWS was fine. But I have a display issue. Some of the png pictures included in the scorm file don't appear in the Sharepoint windows dedicated to the course. They are present in ...

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Invalid LearnerAssignmentId in email notification

Enabling a new Learner in the "Edit Assignment" page with the "Email learners on creation or when changed" option enabled with other learners already previously added sends an email notification wi...

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Newlines in Description not preserved in email notifications

Newlines '\n' specified in the Description field in "Edit Assignment" page /_layouts/SharePointLearningKit/AssignmentProperties.aspx are not converted to "<br>" when NewAssignment notification emai...

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sharepoint learning kit 1.8 (SharePoint 2013) doesn't show in application management

After excecuting AddSolution.ps1 and deploying SLK to my solution I didn't find sharePoint learning kit in application management so i can't neither activate feature nor configure SLK

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Self Assign Web Part - URL

We are running SLK 1.8.2 with SharePoint 2013 and are experiencing an issue with the Self Assign Web Part. The Web Part displays the assignments fine, but when we click the assignment the URL doe...

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Storyline 2 update 6 courses do not store answers in slk db

Hi all, I have tried Storyline 2 update 6 courses on both slk 1.7 and 1.8 but it does not saves the answers in the database. A course that has been designed with Storyline 2 update 4 is working n...

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SharePoint Learning Kit - Content distorted in Frameset

Good day I am running SharePoint 2013 and tested in the following browsers IE11, IE9 and chrome When deploying the SharePoint Learning Kit 1.7.1 i experienced the following issues: In IE the...

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Results not calculated for users

Hi ! We have been successfully using SLK 1.7 on SharePoint 2013 for hosting some scorm packages for training. For a particular assignment that users are completing we are getting inconsistent r...

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SP2013 enrol in course error - due to UTC DATE TIME

I'm working on a SharePoint+SLK implementation within AUSTRALIA - and was finding that there's an error within a FUNCTION for the new SP2013 set (v1.7) We were finding that users could click on a...

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SLK not take Spanish language package in deployed new site

currently has an application that is deployed SLK.wsp with language pack in 3082 which works correctly in Spanish. slk to deploy a new site is not take language pack. the slk.wsp (3082) is deplo...

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