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Want to use BasicWebPlayer in DNN Project

Aug 31, 2010 at 3:29 PM


I have downloaded the 'BasicWebPlayer' project from 'Codeplex' and it is working fine in my system. Now I want to integrate this project with my existing project in Dotnetnuke. my project is written in VB.Net.

My project is devided in 2 parts.

1. Admin part where I am updating scorm compliant zip files and storing all information in specified tables.

2. The user part where the valid user can see all courses and can access them in the same way as 'BasicWebPlayer'.

Right now I am working on the Admin part and tried to call the methods involve in uploading and storing information into tables but it did not work.

I have copied all tables and functions from 'Basicwebplayer' database to my database.

I refered the dlls for learningcomponents and storage and tried to call methods in those classes, but nothing seems working.

Please help me.