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Teacher Client?

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Nov 10, 2006 at 7:23 PM
Does anyone know if the 4.0 teacher client will be part of this enhanced Class Server platform?

Will the current client integrate or will there be a new off-line teacher client or will it be only web based like moodle (i hope not)?

Nov 10, 2006 at 9:38 PM
There are a couple answers to this.

One, SLK is online only. There is not an offline client like Class Server had.

For authoring of content, if you are a current Class Server customer, you can use your existing Teacher Client to author Class Server resources, which will run in SLK. SLK does not include an authoring tool.

Hope this answers your questions.

Nov 11, 2006 at 2:43 PM
O.K., to confirm. SLK comes with an authoring tool similar to CS. But this is only availible on-line.

For off-line content authoring we will need a SCORM app or purchase CS.

We currently are lic CS until the end of Jan2007. For advanced SCORM authoring we will use THESIS or other tool. On-line SLK authoring tools will work for most teachers.

What i am concerned about is the off-line. Actually, this is the most powerfull aspect of CS for us and most teachers i know who use it. Since it allows me to mark my work during the train commute or really anywhere.

How can we build or buy this off-line funtionality?

Since the assingments will be in a SharePoint drop-box right, could we simply take the content in an assingment drop-box off line, mark it and then sycnro the data when we can connect on-line?


Nov 14, 2006 at 10:14 PM
About Authoring Tools
SLK does not come with any authoring tools.
However, there is likely to be a community contribution for a simple on-line assessment creator, designed for lightweight formative assessments. This tool will be accessible online only.

Rich, interactive resources and assessments will need to be created using an authoring tool which creates either SCORM or Class Server resources. (The Class Server resources created by Teacher Client will work in SLK.)

Since you are currently a Class Server customer, you will be able to keep using the Class Server authoring tool in perpetuity (see Microsoft's ongoing licensing for existing Class Server customers). Instructors can continue using the Class Server LRE authoring tool in Teacher Client until you decide to deploy an authoring replacement.

Some Online/Offline Scenarios
  • Authoring *
Rich interactive resource authoring tools may or may not run offline. That will depend on the tool. (LRE from Class Server works offline)

For basic, non-interactive content like spreadsheets and Word documents, you may certainly create those resources offline (in Office, per se), but to assign them or allocate a grade to completed assignments, you will need to be online.

Assignments aren't fully stored in the document library. The assignment content (the e-learning packages created by an authoring tool) is stored in a document library, so if you are looking for offline ability to create and edit e-learning resources, then with SharePoint 2007 you can synch a document library to Outlook and work offline.

  • Assigning and Grading *
If you are looking for offline ability to grade learner assignments, you cannot do that with SharePoint and SLK. The assignment data (student answers, grades, etc.) are stored in the SLK database separately from the actual content. So, grading and assignment management requires the instructor to be online. It is possible for a member of the community to create a component that could allow offline grading, but this would be a very complex task.

Sorry I don't have a better answer for you. Our initial feedback from Class Server customers as a whole was that the offline capability wasn't a critical feature going forward, particularly given the complexity it adds to the overall product. But, I know for those who use it, it is a disappointing loss. I hope this helps answer your questions.