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Assignments in MySite

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Dec 1, 2006 at 8:59 PM
It is possible to put the My Assigments Web Part in to My Site - but it is not possible to assign anything to these sites due to instructor permissions. Also you would have to set assignments to each individual site - not practical. Will you be developing a functionality that will allow My Site to be used as the My Assignment location for a student one he/she has been assigned a class?
Dec 1, 2006 at 10:34 PM
I believe one way to do this is make sure the MySites and class sites are configured to use the same SLK database.

When you create assignments, you can assign them to multiple learners on a common site (ie. a class site). The assignment will show up for those learners on any assignment list web part on any site that uses the same database (ie. school site, MySite, etc.). There is a web part property in the ALWP that allows you to scope the results it shows to only assignments on the current site or all assignments across the SLK database.

In your case you can add the Assignment List Web Part to the MySite and change the web part properties to show all assignments in the database (uncheck "Show Only This Site's Assignments"). That way the student can see ALL of their assignments across all sites in the single web part. Now they can see their Math, English, History, etc. assignments in a single location, regardless of the site where the assignments were actually created. Plus you don't have to scope each individual assignment to a single MySite.

Hope this helps.