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New to SLK/MLG, looking for some guidance

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May 9, 2008 at 12:00 AM
Hello all,

We are beginning to implement the Learning Kit and Gateway as an e-learning solution for our district but are unfamiliar with the particular tools we will need to succeed.

A basic setup of WSS 3.0 with the SLK installed has been a good start. However, we have some basic project requirements, such as an assignment "drop box" and the ability for a teacher to review a student's answers (not just the evaluated scores) to a SCORM published quiz, that are not met by this solution. Admittedly I have not tried the 1.3.2 alpha patch yet, nor have I published SCORM content created in Microsoft's Learning Content Development System (though the first 2 I tried didn't work...). These may solve our 2 hottest issues, but I wanted to get the larger questions out as soon as I can:

What will we need to know to customize and/or develop web parts for SLK/MLG to meet our needs?
Are there training materials/classes/books that anyone can recommend to prepare us to do this?
How can we contribute in this community?
Can we submit web parts we're working on for peer review and consumption?

Any other guidance is also appreciated.

Thanks in advance,