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Sending score and status to LMS

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Jan 8, 2009 at 3:05 PM


I have developed one flash based WBT(SCORM 1.2) and uploaded, it is working fine except the score.

I want to pass the score and completed status to LMS.
I have tried all the below methods (used in Solitaire course) but after submitting the course, score is still showing --- (dash dash).

1.storeDataValue("cmi.score.raw", score);

2.storeDataValue("cmi.score.scaled", score);

3.storeDataValue("cmi.core.score.raw", score);


Exactly which method or syntax is sending score to LMS mentioned in the solitaire course?
Also I want to change the status "final" to "completed" so is it possible?

Please help me.