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Aug 14, 2009 at 11:58 AM

Greetings to you all!

First, let me thank you for the great job you've done by creating SLK.

I am trying to integrate content created with Articulate 09 (Quizmaker, Presenter and Engager) with SLK. The contents created with articulate are saved as WebPages with flash contents inside. These contents are also SCORM conformant.

My main goal is upload those contents to SLK associating them with a given assignment, that after can be completed by someone else. All goes well, except when I try to complete the assignment previously created. Some content is well shown on the visualizer, like the tabs on the left frame, but the flash panel itself, which has the main content (the quiz, the presentation, etc.), is not shown at all. By other words, it seems that flash contents are no supported by SLK, which I definitely think isn't true.

The ZIP file created with Articulate is correctly generated and if I open the contents directly from it, everything is working fine. I have already tried all SCORM versions compatible with SLK when generating content from Articulate and all of them produced the same results.

If anyone can help, I would appreciate so much!



Joao Pinto

Aug 20, 2009 at 12:54 PM

Hi Joao,

It is true about the Flash not saving the answers. The flash itself verifies the answer and gives the student the feedback (whether it is correct or incorrect). However, when the teacher opens the submitted student assignment, the Flash will play from the start with no answers saved.

A workaround to this is to use an authoring application that can embed the Flash learning material and insert assignments questions in whatever format that can be rendered and processed by SLK correctly.

I hope this helps answering your concerns.

Best Regards,


Aug 20, 2009 at 3:22 PM

Hi Kareem,

Thank you for your help!

In fact, my problem is see the flash itself. I am creating a Quiz, using Articulate Studio '09. This Quiz is generated as a set of HTML pages (and JS, CSS, and so on...) with embedded Flash content. When I try to create an assignment with this Quiz and then begin it, nothing except the SLK visualizer is shown. In other words, the visualizer's content frame is in blank.

I already installed the SLK latest version (1.4) and I have enabled debugging. The retrieved log seems fine.

In my quest for solving this problem, I found some example contents generated with Articulate, too. These contents, when uploaded to SLK, were giving me problems too. Instead of getting a blank page, a flash loading bar is shown and no more goes away.

Till now, I can't understand if this an Articulate problem, an SLK problem or, the most expectable, my problem.

Thank you,

João Pinto


Aug 23, 2009 at 1:12 PM

Hi Joao,

I suspect the rendering issue is security setting in Web browser. I have tried multiple SCORM content that have Flash embedded and SLK renders them perfectly. Can you send me a link for Articulate samples to test it on my environment?

With respect to assignments workflow, questions implemented by Flash objects are not integrated into SLK grading as far as our trials have concluded. As a told you in previous reply, you can use a tool that embeds Flash and then appends questions to it as a workaround. Although the questions will not have the rich Flash material but there could be a variety of questions types that leverages graphics maps or so.

I eliminate yourself from being the problem for now :)


Best of luck,


Aug 24, 2009 at 11:18 AM

Hi Kareem,

and thank you so much for your help!

"I suspect the rendering issue is security setting in Web browser.", I have already thought in that, specially because I was testing in a Windows Server 2003 environment . So I have decided to lower every property that might raise problems. In vain, nothing got solved... :(

Well... next is a link to a ZIP file containing three SCORM ZIP files generated using Articulate. All except the one which has "generated_by_me" in filename were directly sent me by Articulate, and so should be working properly. The other one was created by me. Sorry for uploading the file to a hosting service, but I wasn't able to get an FTP. The file password is "slk" (without brackets). I can't get anyone of these file working properly on SLK; the ones Articulate sent me shows the loading bar and it never more disappears, the other one, doesn't shows anything at all.

Once more, thank you, Kareem, for your precious help.


PS: "I eliminate yourself from being the problem for now :)" I keep thinking that I am the problem ;)


Best regards,



Aug 25, 2009 at 5:02 PM

Hi Joao,

Well, I have tested all 3 SCORM objects and the 3 are rendered perfectly in SLK SCORM player! Attached is the screenshot for the one created by yourself I solved it regardless I don’t read Portuguese :) The Flash is displayed and answers correctly however it is different from others in displayed the blue Articulate frame. I am not familiar with Articulate anyway but this seems to be settings or so.

 On the other hand, according to researches on SCORM objects that includes Flash we concluded that questions (assessment) implemented by Flash are solved and correctly directly by Flash player but SLK (or probably most LMS) is not capable of reading answers and scores! We concluded the workaround I told you about previously which is appending questions after Flash content within the Learning Resource object and it will work SLK.

Best regards,



Aug 31, 2009 at 5:26 PM

Hi to you all,

Well... after some time desperating and getting close to insanity, I've decided to do a new SLK installation in the same environment but in a different Web Application.

Next, I've uploaded some sample Articulate contents and... mysteriously and magically... everything worked great.

I am already trying to discover what I've done wrong and, if I ever found the tricky thing I'll post it here.

Thank you all, but especially Kareem, for the wonderful help given!

Best Regards,