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problem with IIS

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Mar 16, 2007 at 2:13 AM
I have a problem to access my installation of SLK through the web. To explain my problem, assume that the IP of my machine is, the name associated to this IP in the DNS is, and that the actual machine name is "computer". I have gone through the installation, with no problems at all. Locally everything works fine: I go to http://computer/Default.aspx, which is on my localhost, and can do everything as instructor and then as a learner. When I go to a different computer and access, the initial page containing the SLK web part comes out right. Some links in this page point to, but others point to http://computer/... For example, the assignment points to http://computer/layouts/... which of course is not accessible through the web. If I manually point the browser to I can open the page that should show me the content material ( in my case), but then that page hangs forever with a "Please Wait..." message.

Where am I going wrong?