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Build BVT
Perform a full build from the root using nmake. (Normally we'd require that this build with no warnings, but the code is far off of this right now. A bug on this is filed.)

Fresh BVT
Perform a Fresh Install of your build.
Upload a document to the document library.
Assign document to self.
Begin assignment.
Resume assignment.
Complete assignment.
Check status on the My Assignments web part.

Upgrade BVT
Perform an install of the previous release.
Upload a document to the document library.
Assign document to self.
Upgrade to the new build using the UpdateSolution.cmd steps from the Getting Started Guide.
Check the assignment to make sure it still looks good.
Begin/Resume/Complete assignment.
Check status.
Create a new assignment to self.
Begin/Resume/Complete assignment.
Check status.

SCORM Playback BVT -- run after changing version
Upload the sample SCORM content to the document library.
Assign to self.
Verify that the content loads and plays.

AD Groups BVT -- run after making changes to assignments or AD code
Go to People and Groups -> Site Permissions -> Add Users
In Users/Groups, add the name of an Active Directory group in your domain
Give users permissions directly -> Read, SLK Learner -> OK
Go to the Document Library, select a document -> E-Learning Actions
Assign it to someone else -> Current Site
If no error, then BVT has passed.

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