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Save a record to a SP List


Would it be possible to add a feature that allows a training record to be saved to a configurable sharepoint list? Keeping track of training records from within SharePoint would be helpful because we could then do additional processing on that data with SPD workflows. In the case of a businesses, not all training comes from a completed assignment. Some training comes from seminars that people may or may not register for ahead of time, and some training does come from online courses that are completed. We currently use a system that will track seminar type training (and registrations) in a SharePoint list and we want to track all training in that list. The SLK stores completed courses in SQL though, and this makes it difficult get the data in to a SharePoint list.

I'm sure the whole SLK database doesn't need to be in a SP list, but some key values from the completed assignment would be awesome to have, such as user, grade, course id. The date completed could be taken from the created date of the sp list item. From there some additional actions could be taken like setting up a workflow that checks the grade and notifies the instructor if a student failed - indicating that the student may need some help with the subject. If the student passed then a congrats e-mail could be sent to the student.


roncresswell wrote Aug 26, 2008 at 3:49 AM

We have a similar need. We track who was trained to what in a list where the training material is referenced by a lookup in a document library. This allows us to not only see whether or not someone is trained to a particular procedure, but to be able to pull up exactly what was in the version of the document that that person was trained to. Very important if there are changes to the procedures and some changes might require retraining and others might not. Hence the flexibility of having the training records in a SharePoint list is important.

Hence we really need some way of linking them together.

JayBeavers wrote Aug 26, 2008 at 5:11 AM

This isn't very technically feasible. The SQL Schema for an SLK Assignment and its status is pretty involved. It's based on the CMI datamodel that's part of the IMS / IEEE / SCORM standards and there's a lot of detail involved -- open up the SLK database using SQL Server Manager and create a database diagram to start to get a feel for this. SharePoint lists are a very flat schema and it would be very difficult to do a good job moving data between these two schemas.

Off the top of my head, I can't think of a solution that could be implemented simply or cheaply to tie these two approaches together. SLK does have a pretty extensive server side API but it's not notification based and I don't think it would be well suited to this task. Probably the best approach here would be a separate service that connected to the SLK database directly and used the features in SQL Server 2005 to detect changes and post data to a SharePoint list. I have some (separate) experience writing a similar app -- I wrote a different project inside Microsoft that synchronizes our bug tracking system to SharePoint lists -- so if you're interested in pursuing this I may be able to find you some relevant snippets of source code for using the SharePoint Web Service APIs to automatically create/synchronize SharePoint list contents from a data source.